Event Planning Resources

Policies & Procedures

All reservation requests are subject to the following policies:

  • Changes to Reservations
    • The Pitt Global Hub staff reserves the right to change reserved space to serve the greatest number of programs. The Hub staff will notify event hosts of any changes as soon as possible.
  • Host Liability
    • By creating and confirming reservations at the Pitt Global Hub, event hosts accept full responsibility for actions and conduct during their reservation, including making sure they area ware of:
      • all risks and dangers that could arise during the anticipated activity 
      • how to exercise reasonable care to avoid or minimize those risks and dangers
    • Event hosts are liable for damages to furniture, technology, and any other items belonging to the Pitt Global Hub during the duration of an event. Hosts will be asked for an account number for billing purposes.
    • All reservable spaces come with furniture "as is." Furniture can be moved and rearranged, but must be reset to their original appearance upon completion of the event.
    • Additional furniture: 
      • Other furnishings not routinely provided by the Pitt Global Hub can be rented from Facilities Management. Event hosts should complete their Special Events Request form.
  • Strikes and Restrictions
    • The Pitt Global Hub Staff retains the right to enforce restrictions on future reservation privileges for failure to adhere to any of the above policies, as well as the following:
      • No Show: your organization did not show to your confirmed reservation and failed to alert Pitt Global Hub staff of cancellation prior at least 24 hours ahead of time.
      • Late Arrival: your organization failed to arrive on time to your confirmed reservation and failed to alert Pitt Global Hub staff of any necessary adjustments or changes 
    • If an organization accrues three strikes, the Pitt Global Hub reserves the right to restrict future reservations for the duration of the academic year. 

Space Set-Up

The maximum number of seats with existing Hub furniture is 27-30. In order to ensure use of all of our seating, you must reserve the entire space including both Nooks. Below is an example of how we can arrange the space for a larger event (>20 people) where there is a speaker, panel, and/or presentation.

If you need seats for over 27-30 people, we recommend requesting additional chairs through Facilities Management. The Hub can fit up to an additional 20 chairs.