NRP Holiday Open House

December 18

Cultural Performances

Each year we highlight traditional dances and songs at the Holiday Open House. Music is a big component of the festivities. It makes us happy and joyous and connects us with our heritage.

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Holiday Open House

A Man's A Man for A'That - A Robert Burns Poem

Jim Hunter of the Scottish Room Committee read's Robert Burns' poem "A Man's A Man for A'That."

Alphorn at the Cathedral of Learning

The Swiss Room Committee presents a performance of the Alphorn, a traditional instrument used by mountain dwellers in the Alps.


Lithuanian choir "Bociai" performs at the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian independence in February 2018.

Christmas Carols on the Bagpipes

George Balderose of the Scottish Room Committee performs Christmas carols on the bagpipes.

Lithuanian Christmas Traditions | Lithuanian Kalėdos Kūčios Traditions

Read about Lithuanian Christmas traditions and recipes.

Performance on the Ney

A Middle Eastern man plays a ney, colloquially known as the shebabeh. It is a wind instrument often times made of wood, and similar to the wind-flute. It consists of 6 or 7 holes in the front and 1 in the back similar to a recorder. It is thought to be one of the oldest instruments still in use, and dates back to circa 5000 B.C.E. It is played throughout the Middle Eastern, in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan - the countries represented by the Syria-Lebanon Room - as well as other countries.

Pittsburgh Taiko

Taiko performance and member interviews by Pittsburgh Taiko.

The 12 Days of Greek Christmas Trivia Game

Every day, beginning on December 7th and ending on December 19, 2020, we will host one game. Viewers can play the game anytime between 7AM-10PM every day. The game consists of 10 multiple choice questions that test your knowledge about the Greek Christmas Period traditions.

At the end of every gameday (10 PM), the players with the top two scores among all participants will win prizes:

  • Highest score: A bottle of Σπιτικό ultra-premium authentic extra virgin Greek olive oil (courtesy of Elaiourgiki A.E., Greece) & two cans of "TuVunu" mountain tea/honey-lemon drink
  • Second-highest score: A box of 25 assorted Lindt Christmas chocolates

Turkish Trivia Night for Students

The Turkish Nationality Room invites students to play a Kahoot on Zoom on Friday, December 18th at 7PMET about Turkish culture, history, geography, and many more interesting fun facts about Turkey.

Quo Vadis

Stella, Queen of the Snow read by Quo Vadis

Enjoy this children's story read by Marion Riley, Quo Vadis guide.

The Austrian Room presented by Quo Vadis

The Austrian Room is palatial in its decoration and also very approachable and familiar as the Quo Vadis guide describes what is seen and tells the story of the song "Silent Night."

The Scottish Room presented by Quo Vadis

Welcome a guide into your home on Hogmanay, a Scottish New Year's celebration as a Quo Vadis guide tells us about the Scottish Room and the tie-in to New Year's Eve that appears in this room.

The Syria-Lebanon Room presented by Quo Vadis

The Syria-Lebanon Room is like a rare gemstone that sparkles with flashes of color in the light; explore this room that normally is not entered with a Quo Vadis guide who will describe Islamic and Christian aspects of the room.