NRP Holiday Open House

December 14

Cultural Performances

Each year we highlight traditional dances and songs at the Holiday Open House. Music is a big component of the festivities. It makes us happy and joyous and connects us with our heritage.

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Holiday Open House

Balmoral Pipes & Drums Band

A Holiday Open House Performance by the Balmoral Pipes & Drums Band.

Christ Child's Lullaby

Sue Borowski of the Scottish Room Committee performs Christ Child's Lullaby.

Dance Journey of the Philippines

The Philippine-American Performing Arts of Greater Pittsburgh (PAPAGP) takes viewers through a curated dance journey of the Philippines exploring the multitude of cultures from the mountainous northern villages, the rural Christian lowlands, the Spanish influenced cities, and the Muslim southern regions. In lieu of in-person performances, enjoy this collection of dances from PAPAGP's extensive repertoire from 2012 through 2019. 

Helvetia Mannerchor at the Cathedral of Learning

The Helvetia Mannerchor performs at the Cathedral of Learning.

Indian Classical Dance

Kala Niketan Academy of Indian Classical Dance proudly presents Devi Vandanam

Pittsburgh Area Slovaks PAS Slovak Folk Dancing

Enjoy the Pittsburgh Area Slovaks performing Slovak Folk Dances.

The 12 Days of Greek Christmas Trivia Game

Every day, beginning on December 7th and ending on December 19, 2020, we will host one game. Viewers can play the game anytime between 7AM-10PM every day. The game consists of 10 multiple choice questions that test your knowledge about the Greek Christmas Period traditions.

At the end of every gameday (10 PM), the players with the top two scores among all participants will win prizes:

  • Highest score: A bottle of Σπιτικό ultra-premium authentic extra virgin Greek olive oil (courtesy of Elaiourgiki A.E., Greece) & two cans of "TuVunu" mountain tea/honey-lemon drink
  • Second-highest score: A box of 25 assorted Lindt Christmas chocolates

Traditional Japanese Music

Shakuhachi & Shamisen music performance by Devon Tipp and Kanoko Kamata.

Quo Vadis

The Ukrainian Room presented by Quo Vadis

St. Nicholas pops up again in the Ukrainian Room, as a Quo Vadis guide teaches us about Ukraine's deep and multi faceted history seen it the abundant wood carvings, ceramics and copper sculpture.

The Yugoslav Room presented by Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis shows us the intricate Yugoslav Room and describes some holiday traditions in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.