NRP Holiday Open House

December 11

Winter Holiday Traditions

Most of us celebrate holiday traditions passed down from our parents. These traditions nurture us and become an essential part of who we are. As part of this year's Holiday Open House, we present to you a few of the holiday traditions which the Nationality Room Committees have shared.

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Holiday Open House

Chanukah Traditions

The Israel Heritage Room presents Chanukah traditions, celebrations, and legends. Pitt students explain the traditions of lighting the menorah, playing with dreydels, getting “gelt” (chocolate coins), and eating jelly-filled donuts called “sufganiyot.”  

Christmas in Scotland

The Scottish Room Committee presents traditions of Christmas in Scotland.

Introduction to Finnish Language

Finnish is unique among Scandinavian languages. Unlike Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, it is not Indo-European but derives from a completely different language tree. Its closest relatives are Estonian, Sami, and Hungarian. While Finnish was first written in the mid-1500s, today its population has among the highest literacy rate in the world.

Seijinshiki and How to Wear a Kimono

Japanese Coming of Age Ceremony

The 12 Days of Greek Christmas Trivia Game

Every day, beginning on December 7th and ending on December 19, 2020, we will host one game. Viewers can play the game anytime between 7AM-10PM every day. The game consists of 10 multiple choice questions that test your knowledge about the Greek Christmas Period traditions.

At the end of every gameday (10 PM), the players with the top two scores among all participants will win prizes:

  • Highest score: A bottle of Σπιτικό ultra-premium authentic extra virgin Greek olive oil (courtesy of Elaiourgiki A.E., Greece) & two cans of "TuVunu" mountain tea/honey-lemon drink
  • Second-highest score: A box of 25 assorted Lindt Christmas chocolates

The History of Santa Claus

In Poland the feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated in the eve of December 6th. The good and Holy Bishop would travel throughout the Polish countrysides looking for good children to reward with apples, honey cakes, candy and walnuts. Tradition continues today in Poland and sometimes St. Nick can be seen on Christmas Eve.

The Welsh Tradition of Hunting the Wren

Storyteller Ruthanne Ankney presents the Welsh tradition of Hunting the Wren.

Ukrainian Christmas Eve Dinner

Enjoy this presentation from the Ukrainian Nationality Room Committee on their traditional Christmas Eve Dinner.

Quo Vadis

The Armenian Room presented by Quo Vadis

This anciently styled Armenian Room hearkens back to its Christian roots, as described by the Quo Vadis guide.

The Czechoslovak Room presented by Quo Vadis

The Quo Vadis guide tells you about the worldwide and local significance of the Czech and Slovak people in the Czechoslovak Room, with some description of who might accompany St. Nicholas if one has not been good this year.

The Indian Room presented by Quo Vadis

An emphasis on education is the brightness that inbues the spacious Indian Room, as the Quo Vadis guides relates the decor and the festival of lights.